Music, singing and dancing

Many of the monsters have special talents. Some can sing AND dance.

Here’s a little orange slug to sing a song for you!

  • Sluggo Song
    Sluggo performing his typical snappy jazz. He’s one cool cat!
  • The muddy pond song
    Click on the yellow Singbutton to get Frog Monster to perform his song!
  • The Bee Bop Skee Song.
    Sluggo teaches a song to Fillipe. Bee bop ski boo bop bee boo bop skee! Sluggo is one jazzy slug. Watch out for the Angry Banana though. He’s a little scary.
  • Monster Hokey Pokey.
    You put your tentacles in, you put your tentacles out, you put your tentacles in, and you shake them all about.

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